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Every year players are forced to withdrawal from the sport they love because they can no longer participate. Parents then want refunds when their child can’t play. With Sports Fee Insurance we handle the refunds so clubs can focus on the game and parents can feel secure.


Choose Your Coverage

Decide between the MVP or Elite plan to best fit your families needs. Coverage can be purchased at any time, however waiting periods apply if not purchased during open registration.

Payments Made

In the event of a paid claim USSCI will pay the Club directly if there is a balance owed or refund the parent directly if they have paid in full.

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If Your Athlete Can't Play - Let Us Pay

Why Sports Fee Insurance?

Every year players are forced to withdrawal from the sport they love because they can no longer participate, but parents still have to fulfill their financial obligation.

Season Ending Injuries

The athlete is injured and is unable to finish the sport season

Job Loss

Parent has an unexpected job loss which forces player to leave the team.

Season Ending Illness

An Illness prevents the athlete from being able to finish the sports season.

Job Relocation

A parent unexpectedly has to move more than 50 miles due to their job.

Mental Illness

Athlete is diagnosed with a mental illness and can't complete the season.

Short Term Injuries

Athlete is injured and cannot participate for 30+ days of season.


Our support team is here for you via chat, phone, or email to assist you as needed.

We insure your non-refundable sports fees. The total dollar amount you commit to pay your team and club, this includes registration fees, team fees, coaching fees, and any non-refundable fees. If you do not want to insure the full amount you can cover a portion of your sports fees.
If you have received a release to play from a licensed and practicing physician prior to purchasing coverage - you are covered from any further injuries during your policy period.
There is a 15 day waiting period for before benefits apply for all perils. However, Job loss and Job relocation have a 30 day waiting period.
Lets say you have your athlete in a sports program that costs $1000, and you have already paid $500 toward the total sports fee. 30% of the way into the program your athlete breaks his/her leg. You make a claim with us, provide us the medical documents, and we verify with the club that $500 is still owed to them. USSCI will then pay the club the remaining $500, and pay you the $200 that you paid for but didn't get to use.

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